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Auto companies an opportunity to usher in Denver
      With the improvement of the purchasing power of China's urban residents, the car has entered every household, automotive parts and therefore "gone." Especially since entering in 2013, the country's major automobile and parts sales 4s shop is synchronized to grow steadily, and hit a record high.
      Joint impact of rising production and sales of China's automobile market is caused by the rise of the auto parts industry, especially in the auto parts business through the Internet platform is to seize this opportunity for a lot of the Nuggets. Hot market trend in the past under a different line of auto parts industry, with the last line of the auto parts business platform, the auto industry continued vitality of the online market, and shows a broad prospect.
      With Internet platform is not new car sales, the auto industry is naturally tight-step follow-up. Under the traditional line reason below market auto parts online product sales market, which mainly affected by the impact of market changes.
      Auto parts industry in the professional business platform, buyers can quickly be compared to similar products, product procurement to Italy, so the next line market purchases of natural phasing out of the way, so the auto parts business only through on-line electronic business platform to be able to intercept opportunities, This is not only an effective way to open up the market auto parts industry, but also need to develop the industry. "In today's rapid development of e-commerce, a buyer's market has been gradually transferred to the Internet field, only settled in electronic business platform, auto parts enterprises to be able to bring the line to increase market product sales.
      Of China's auto market in the first half of 2013 than-expected growth in car sales in the automotive industry will only "blowout" of the beginning of the play, once the October 1 car "Warranty Act" official purposes, domestic car sales is bound to increase substantially, when the auto industry will usher in peak sales period again.
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