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The correct identification of large auto parts market
      Buy car accessories What is a good way  How to choose the most appropriate cost-effective auto parts, here, to give you recommend the following tips to help you choose the best auto parts: the loss should be returned.
      1, see Packaging Genuine Parts packaging is generally more standardized, uniform standard, marking the formal writing clear, and relatively poor packaging printing counterfeit products often can easily find the flaws from the packaging;
      2, see color some original parts surface specify a color, the case of other colors, for the counterfeit spare parts;
      3, see the appearance of original parts or clear appearance of printing and marking regular cast of characters, and rough appearance of counterfeit products;
      4, watching paint unscrupulous traders will scrap parts by simple processing, such as demolition, equipment, fight, scrape, paint and other processing, then posing as qualified products sold illegally obtain high profits;
      5, see the texture of the original parts of the material is based on the design requirements of defective materials, fake and inferior products are mostly inexpensive material substitution;
      6, to see the process though sometimes inferior products look good, but because the production process is poor, prone to cracks, sand holes, slag, burrs or bumps;
      7, see "Save" auto parts if dry, oxidation, or aging mirror of other problems, which may be the difference in the storage environment, long storage time, the material itself causes poor;
      8, see "bonding" phenomenon occurs if the rivets loose clutch plate, brake hose unglued, joint sealing off electrical components, paper filter disengaged seams, etc., can not be used;
      9, see the section marked with identification marks on some of the formal parts, such as gears mark, top of the piston assembly marking markings used to ensure proper mechanical installation, no can not buy;
      10, see the gaps in the regular assembly components must be complete and intact, in order to ensure smooth loading and running. Some individual small parts missing equipment assembly member, is generally "parallel imports", which caused difficulties for loading. Often due to individual small parts shortages, causing the entire assembly of parts scrapped;
      11, see the protective layer for ease of storage, to prevent parts bump, before parts factory has a protective layer. Such as bushings, size bearings, pistons, valves, etc. are generally used paraffin protected against surface damage, these important parts, if no protective surface layer, mostly for "parallel";
      12, to see some of the important parts of documents, especially assembly classes, such as carburetor, distributor, generators, etc., generally with the factory manual, certificate, in order to guide the user to install, use and maintain, without these mostly counterfeit products;
      13, when looking to buy auto parts specifications, to identify the main technical parameters, use special techniques to meet the requirements. Some counterfeit products look almost the same with the real thing, but the accord is not appropriate, either big or small dot dot, using them is not always satisfactory, and leave accidents.
      14, a third-party test report issued not only to prove the authenticity, but also show the merits of its quality.
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