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Die design affects the quality of aluminum die castings
      I. factors affecting the quality of die castings
      There are many factors affecting the quality of die castings, such as the type and quality of die casting machines, the geometrical structure and technical requirements of the die castings, the structure of the die and the technical level of the operators.
      1. design of die castings
      Designers should first fully understand the user's requirements and working conditions, the pressure on the die casting situation, and then according to the use of requirements and working environment, select the appropriate material, to understand its material, die casting performance. In the design, we should pay special attention to meet the use requirements of the premise, as far as possible to make the casting structure simple. The wall thickness is proper and uniform, and the necessary die drawing angle is left, otherwise, the defects such as pit, porosity, shrinkage, lack of casting, tension mark, crack and deformation are caused on the die castings.
      The requirement of dimensional accuracy of die castings should be reasonable, otherwise it will cause unnecessary trouble to mold design, mold processing, process conditions formulation and management, and will cause a large number of unqualified products.
      2., mold structure, machining accuracy and choice of mold materials
      Die casting is a die casting, undoubtedly, the mold design, processing, selection of mold materials, and product quality are closely related. The mold structure is unreasonable, no matter what measures are taken from the process, it is difficult to make the product qualified.
      In addition, the die material, the processing precision of the mold, the surface roughness, the processing mark, the small crack of the heat treatment, the thickness of the nitrided layer and the assembly of the die will affect the quality of the product and the life of the die.
     3. shrinkage of casting material
     The average shrinkage of a material is usually chosen as an average percentage or a percentage of a range of changes. For high precision die casting, mold design, selection of material shrinkage should pay special attention to, when necessary, may be the first to die after the test, get the necessary data in the test mold, and then proceed to the design and manufacture of mold for mass production.
     4. design and implementation of die casting process
     The formulation and implementation of the die casting process is related to the quality of the die and die casting equipment and the technical level of the operators. Under the existing conditions of die-casting equipment in China, it is difficult to achieve stable, reliable and precise control of the die casting process parameters. To realize the basic control, the die casting process is to combine the die casting equipment, the die casting material and the mold and so on. If the process and main parameters are not strictly executed, it will cause the shrinkage, deformation, casting, size disqualification and so on.

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