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How to improve the service life of die casting die? Secrets of methods
      Because of the long production cycle, large investment and high manufacturing accuracy, the die casting die is expected to have higher service life because of its high cost. But due to a series of internal and external factors, such as material and machining, the die is prematurely invalid and scrapped, which leads to great waste.
      The failure modes of the die include: sharp angle, corner crack, split, hot crack (Gui Lie), wear, erosion and so on. The main reasons for the failure of the die casting are the defects of the material itself, the processing, the use, the maintenance and the heat treatment.
      As is known to all, the use conditions of die casting die are very abominable. Taking aluminum die-casting mold as an example, the melting point of aluminum is 580-740 degrees centigrade, and the temperature of molten aluminum is controlled at 650-720 DEG C when used. When the die is preheated, the die surface temperature is shot from room temperature to liquid temperature, and the surface of the cavity is subjected to a great tensile stress. When the die is opened, the surface of the cavity is subjected to a great compressive stress. After thousands of die casting, the mold surface cracks and other defects.
      Thus, the use of die-casting conditions are urgent hot, cold. Die material should be hot and cold fatigue resistance, fracture toughness and high thermal stability of the die steel. H13 (4Cr5MoV1Si) is the most widely used materials, according to the introduction, the 80% cavity abroad are used H13, is now still use a lot of 3Cr2W8V, but the 3Cr2W8VT_ art performance is not good, poor thermal conductivity, high expansion coefficient, large thermal stress generated in the die due to produce crack or even rupture. And the heating is easy to reduce decarburization, wear resistance of mould, so it belongs to the elimination of steel.

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